Environmental sustainability

Any comparison with similar products already on the market shouldn’t be made superficially, considering the fact that only some technologies have the competitive advantage of eco and bio compatibility.

Fluorine-based products are going out of business because they are harmful, but a lot of manufacturers are still using them.

Many products on the market are not PTFE free (biocides, copper, lead and pollutants). We don’t use these products.

The sol-gel-silicon technology is one of the most innovative for the future, because silicon is NON-HARMFUL for humans. We can find it in nature in many materials and in the human body too, as well as in many drugs ( 75% of the continental crust is made up of oxygen and silicon). This technology does not form a surface film but penetrates the substrates, covering their pores.

In general, these are inorganic coatings (silicon, titanium dioxide or silver) thus excluding carbon chains (amino acids, enzymes, etc.).

All our products are water or ethanol based.
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