Our nanotechnology products operate on the dimensional scale of the nanometer, which means one millionth of a millimeter.

More precisely they are water or alcohol-based solutions of silicon nanoparticles (SiO2 matrix) in different concentrations to give certain features to the materials.

The nanoparticles stick on the surface forming a protective barrier.

Their dimensions also allow covering of the micro porosities, avoiding the polluting agents from penetrating into the substrate.

By staying on the surface, they will be removed much more easily. The nanomolecules, arranged on the surface, give surprising water-repellent properties.

Therefore, excellent results are obtained against the degradation from humidity, water infiltration and rising water from the ground, as well as giving ease of cleaning in general and preventing graffiti adhesion. At the same time, nanomolecules bind the product to the surface.

These formulations have the ability to transform the surface tension from high attractiveness to low (repulsive). This ability gives the hydro / oil repellent and easy to clean properties.
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